Cattle Tracker


The SODAQ Cattle Tracker is a robust cattle tracking device that is solar powered. For communication we have embedded a LoRaWAN-based 32-bit microcontroller  module, so the devices can connect either over a public network, such as Everynet or The Things Network. The SODAQ cattle tracker helps a herder, farmer and ranger know the exact geographical location of an animal whenever they need it.


One of the main issues that many cattle trackers have is the necessity of constantly charging the battery by manually plugging them into charging stations. Having to constantly monitor the battery level of the tracker and to check that it’s charge is extremely time consuming. To solve this issue, we designed the tracker to have a 0.5W solar panel that harvests energy from the sunlight. Moreover, the tracker uses an integrated LiPo battery that holds the charge for longer periods of time and is guaranteed to charge whenever the solar panel is exposed to sunlight!



GPS Tracker

Integrated Solar Panel


Counter Weight

LED Indication

Automated sleep mode (with accelerometer)


Micro USB (for firmware updates)

256 kB Data Flash

Dashboard (concept)

How can you see the location? Well, SODAQ’s tracker uses LoRa technology, an 868/915 MHz antenna and GPS for effective geolocation and communication! Thus, a person or system monitoring the animal is able to track wherever the animal goes. As well, the GPS tracking system is connected to the internet over LoRa to share its own location.  

Are you interested?

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