by SODAQ / Rabobank

Never lOOse your cattle again


At SODAQ we are really proud of one project in particular – mOOvement. In 2017 at an internal start-up competition at the Rabobank, the team of 4 that won had the aim of providing farmers with a service that meant they would never lose their cattle again. Pieter Vogels, head of sales at mOOvement, grew up as a farmer in Friesland and his team soon required the device they needed to track cattle remotely. After a market study they selected SODAQ as the right company to develop it.

As a subsidiary of Rabobank, their primary market is in Australia. This is because the pain is greatest for Australian beef cattle farmers, as their land is some of the vastest in the world, and contrary to dairy cattle, beef cattle don’t return to the barn on a daily basis and roam freely.

mOOvement’s operations are split across northern and southern Australia, with the split lying on the latitude of Brisbane. In the North, farms are extensive, meaning there are more cows per farm but the farms can be as large as the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. In the South, farms are more intensive with more focus on the quality of the beef (Wagyu/Angus). As the cattle tracking solution is LoRa-based, the difference in farm size is also reflected in the number of LoRa gateways they require (up to 8 gateways per farm in the north, and usually 1 gateway suffices in the south). For connectivity, Wifx’s Lorix ONE outdoor gateway is being used. For the backhaul, The Things Industries’ highly robust and low latency solution is used. 


GPS location of cattle

Instant notification

jumping the fence alerts

idle alerts

grazing patterns


Farmers who live thousand miles away from their farm can check which paddocks they should have their cows moved to, and when a cow may be unwell if they aren’t moving. Other advantages of tracking the cattle include knowing which land has been grazed the most, and preventing that cows don’t mate with bulls from a different species.

mOOvement uses ear tags as a choice of tracker, which has been chosen because of SODAQ’s ability to bring down the weight to just 35g, as well as the widely adopted standard for eartags in Australia. The tags are solar-powered and have a lifespan of 5 years in which they send a location every 30 minutes. In the future, heat detection will be added, and for this mOOvement is looking to hire data scientists and experts on animal behavior.iz


Visit mOOvement website by clicking the link below