SODAQ Leadership Change: Robbert Woltering becomes CEO, Ollie Smeenk steps down as Co-CEO

HILVERSUM, February 22, 2023 – Robbert Woltering, formerly Co-CEO and CCO, has been named as the new CEO of SODAQ. This decision follows Ollie Smeenk stepping down as Co-CEO in order to head up the Project Sales department in the role of Director. A leadership transition that supports the organizational growth and ensures that SODAQ will remain stable for years to come, as the company continues on its mission to be an industry leader in low-power IoT hardware solutions.

Being the co-founder of the organization, Ollie Smeenk set up SODAQ in 2012 together with founder Jan Willem Smeenk. After becoming CEO in 2020, Ollie Smeenk continued in a role of Co-CEO together with Robbert Woltering (former CCO). Aligned with the growth ambitions of SODAQ, Ollie is now transitioning into the role of Project Sales Director, reflecting the required focus to drive these ambitions. Ollie Smeenk commented on his transition: “I’m very grateful for all the trust that was given to me for the past 5 years as I grew in terms of responsibility within the company. Since 2018, we have more than tripled in annual revenue as well as staff count, added besides our engineering service a complete product range, including physical devices and cloud services, and grown with the IoT market from makers to corporate customers. I’m proud to share that we have reached a stage with the company where it has outgrown my ability to lead it. Under the leadership of Robbert, I believe SODAQ will continue to flourish as a market leader in innovation and solution provision within supply chains. Going forward I will be responsible for the sales of our engineering services, continuing to onboard and grow with clients like Bayer, Qualcomm and Controlant.”

New CEO Robbert Woltering

SODAQ sets forth strong, mission driven and impact oriented under the leadership of Robbert Woltering. SODAQ remains committed to its core values, mission, and vision and continues to strive for success in all areas. Together with our dedicated team, new CEO Robbert Woltering is ready to take the company further than ever before: “With our new leadership structure, we are confident that we can make a positive impact in the supply chain of our global, corporate clients. We will focus on two things; our world-friendly products and maintaining our technology lead with our IoT engineering service for large corporations.” Besides Robbert Woltering, the SODAQ Management Team now consists of CTO Itay Dagan and CFO Michael Advocaat.


Over the last years, SODAQ has undergone rapid growth. Besides scaling up the Engineering Service for large corporations, SODAQ added mass production of B2B IoT devices to its core activities. The organization evolved from a start-up focused on serving the developer community, to a global brand with corporate customers that utilize SODAQ’s IoT devices for tracking and sensing all over the world. With its mission to create world-friendly devices to solve complex global challenges, SODAQ is always working towards making a positive impact with the power of IoT.

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