Reshaping the future of packaging with a new paper thin smart label

Bayer has recently unveiled their new smart label system for packages to optimize the supply chain with the help of R&D from partners such as SODAQ, Vodafone, ARM, Murata and Altair Semiconductor.


“Returning to the office does not have to be a problem” - How a leading tech firm successfully tackled challenges caused by the Coronacrisis

In a turbulent environment where businesses are forced to make significant decisions with high risk, follow the journey of a leading tech firm in the field of Internet of Things and how they managed to successfully tackle the challenges caused by a global pandemic while maintaining productivity and morale.


LoRaWAN Devices, and Future Innovation - SODAQ CEO Interview

In a 1-on-1 interview at the Things Conference in Amsterdam, Jan-Willem Smeenk (CEO of SODAQ) gives an insight into the LoRa developments in the landscape, the future of SODAQ and much more. With close to seven years of experience in the LoRaWAN context, SODAQ aims to contribute to the growth of Internet of Things.


Build your own SODAQ Sniffer Bike!

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and build your personal air quality monitor!

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