SODAQ Sets Forth Changes in Leadership and Management

HILVERSUM, May 19, 2022 – SODAQ prides itself on being a forward-thinking organization, which carries through all aspects of the organization. As of May 2022, SODAQ implements a Co-CEO structure, that sees Ollie Smeenk and Robbert Woltering as the company’s joint leaders. Furthermore, the Management Team will be reduced from six to four members, as founder & Chief Architect Jan Willem Smeenk and Account Director Jaap de Winter step back from managerial duties.

1,5 years after appointing Ollie Smeenk as CEO of SODAQ, the organization decides to transition away from the traditional company leadership model. With the reduction in the size of the management team and the implementation of this two-pronged leadership approach, SODAQ aims to create company-wide alignment and prepare for the projected growth.

New roles as Co-CEO

With this transition, Ollie Smeenk will remain the face of SODAQ and continue to represent the company and its mission to the outside world. Externally his primary focus will be on the global expansion of the company through strategic partnerships & clients. Internally Ollie will oversee strategy, recruitment, growth of the organization, and cultivation of the company culture.

Robbert Woltering will be assuming the company leadership responsibility of the organization and drive the implementation of the world-friendly mission. Moreover, he will focus on the daily execution of internal processes, and provide leadership to the managers and team leads within the organization.

Ollie Smeenk – Co-CEO

Robbert Woltering – Co-CEO/CCO

Going forward, Robbert will continue to fulfill the commercial duties of his previous role (CCO) and remain actively involved in the growth and development of the company.

Stepping down from the MT: Jan Willem Smeenk and Jaap de Winter

As part of the restructuring, SODAQ’s management team is also undergoing an alteration to match the company’s dynamic nature. The team which used to consist of six members has now been reduced to four with founder & current Chief Architect Jan Willem Smeenk and Account Director Jaap de Winter stepping back from management, but continuing in their same fields within the company.

Since founding SODAQ in 2013, Jan Willem and Jaap have served as the foundational pillars of the organization, and the driving forces behind the organization’s gradual transformation from a small start-up to a scale-up now responsible for supplying global corporations around the world.

Jan Willem Smeenk (Senior Solutions Architect)

As a pioneer of the Internet of Things, Jan Willem’s vision not only saw the potential of IoT but also had the foresight to begin developing more sustainable solutions to mitigate the negative effects of IoT on the environment. In 2020, Jan Willem transitioned from CEO, a role which he held for 7 years, into the role of Chief Architect. After a 3-month sabbatical, Jan Willem will return to the company in September and begin as Senior Solution Architect. In his role, he will focus on early-stage concept development, designing solutions for existing projects & products, and thought leadership in the field of low-power IoT.

Jaap de Winter (Account Director)

As one of the first people to start at SODAQ, Jaap’s footprint can be felt throughout the company. Over the years, he contributed to the development of the company’s departments and has been instrumental to the organization’s commercial success. This step away from the management team will allow him to fully focus on his current position as Account Director and further facilitate the company’s growth. In his role, he will focus on maintaining SODAQ’s current business relationships, developing new partnerships and turning challenges into opportunities for both the client and SODAQ.

SODAQ’s new management team will henceforth be comprised of Co-CEO Ollie Smeenk, Co-CEO and CCO Robbert Woltering, CTO Itay Dagan, and Finance Manager Michael Advocaat.


For the last 9 years, SODAQ has undergone rapid growth. Besides scaling up the Engineering Service for large corporations, SODAQ added mass production of B2B IoT devices to its core activities. The organization evolved from a start-up focused on serving the developer community, to a global brand with corporate customers that utilize SODAQ’s IoT devices for tracking and sensing all over the world. With its mission to create world-friendly devices to solve complex global challenges, SODAQ is always working towards making a positive impact.

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