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SODAQ creates unparalleled solutions to some of the most complex supply chain challenges. We produce durable, solar powered IoT tracking and sensing hardware designed for B2B and large scale deployment.

SODAQ Engineering creates custom IoT solutions, or functions as an extension of engineering departments to create hardware, software, and industrial design solutions tailored to your unique needs.

We do things differently

We envision the internet of
things without batteries


Sleep as much as possible,
work as little as you can


Solar, kinetic & heat


Our versatile asset tracking devices. Designed to provide a multitude of readings. Here to bring your assets online and put you in charge.

TRACK Stealth

The new tracking superpower in forward-thinking supply chains. Discover the ultra-thin, low-powered and wireless rechargeable TRACK Stealth.

TRACK Extreme

Built to withstand heavy-duty industrial use. Solar Powered. IP69 certified. Zero maintenance even in the toughest environments.

Industries we work with

Forward-Thinking Solutions for Complex Challenges

Since its inception, SODAQ’s vision has been to create a better world. This year, we celebrate 10 years of industry experience in this cutting-edge space. Uniquely positioned, we bring sustainable, low energy consumption IoT solutions to global corporations around the world.

Recent Projects

From the drawing board, to the first prototype, all the way through to production, each project is unique.

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