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We specialize in creating low-power tracking & sensing solutions and powering them with the energy we harvest from the environment. With our solutions, we aim to tackle some of the biggest challenges our world faces. Over the last decade, we have undergone considerable growth as a company, and are now composed of a multidisciplinary team of experts across our core competencies in hardware, software, and industrial design. As we have continued to develop our offering and portfolio have become more extensive and we now offer a multitude of products and an engineering service to create custom development projects.

We are committed to crafting the future of IoT in an impactful way. It’s predicted that by 2050 a total of 100 billion connected smart devices will be in circulation. The AA batteries required to power these devices would fill approximately 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools. To reduce this number, we started by harvesting energy and making our devices low-power so they would require fewer batteries over their life cycle. We then saw an IoT world entirely without batteries and began implementing supercapacitors to power our hardware, effectively eliminating lithium-ion batteries from our solutions. 

Now, with our new and improved world-friendly vision, we are ready to do much more.

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The world is facing challenges that require our collective efforts to solve and we have made it our mission to make IoT part of the solution. Our client’s need to increase efficiency and meet sustainability objectives provide us with a unique possibility to offer solutions that include responsible sourcing, planned permanence (devices designed to last), energy harvesting, and end-of-life refurbishments. Our drive for creating products and services that are world-friendly will play an increasingly important role in improving efficiency, reducing waste, and mitigating risks in our client’s business cases, which on a global scale create a compounding positive impact.


Standing for Solar Powered Data Acquisition, SODAQ started in 2013 offering weather stations across Africa. The necessity for communication solutions in remote areas combined with sensors turned into one of the first Internet of Things (IoT) solutions globally. Our devices are always based on low power and sustainability, from day one. Nothing in this regard has changed except the size of our operation and the number of IoT solutions, projects, and products.

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If you care about a sustainable future, are eager to make a mark on the industry at every level, and are passionate—you sound a lot like us. Ambition, creativity, passion, and equality are what drives our team. We believe that happy employees are great employees, so we ensure a welcoming workplace. With unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth, SODAQ welcomes you.