SODAQ Announces Sustainability Aspirations with World-friendly IoT

May 5, 2022 – HILVERSUM, NL. SODAQ is announcing the expansion of its focus on impact and sustainability. Since its first solar-powered weather station in Africa, the Netherlands-based company SODAQ has continued developing technology with a positive impact. With the growth of the company, the creation of responsible tracking & sensing devices has become increasingly important. The company’s prioritization of environmental and social responsibility is being announced through a company-wide rebranding to “World-friendly IoT”.

Over the years SODAQ has actively been working towards its goal of creating a better Internet of Things. Initially, the company’s focus was on creating energy-efficient solutions that could be powered by harvesting energy from the environment, to reduce the amount of lithium-ion batteries each device would use over its life cycle. SODAQ succeeded in utilizing alternative power sources and effectively eliminated the use of batteries in their hardware.

SODAQ's new ambition is communicated through a new branding reflecting the mission and vision.

While these innovations remain at their core, with the redefined vision the company is ready to take on more. Through World-friendly engineering services, responsible product design, and the efficiency and impact they introduce into clients’ business cases, SODAQ is expanding its focus on impact & sustainability.

SODAQ's new impact approach through 3 main company pillars.
Engineering Service & Products

SODAQ will place increased emphasis on sustainability aspects, by further integrating the topic in its Engineering Services, where clients will be presented with both environmentally responsible options and advised on the best choices based on their objectives. New and existing products continue to improve through design for circularity (taking back used products into the manufacturing process and reusing electronics in new/refurbished products), planned permanence (devices designed to last), and responsibly sourced and selected materials.

Client Case

SODAQ’s clientele is composed of organizations from a wide variety of industries, primarily logistics, supply chain, and construction. The need to increase efficiency and meet sustainability objectives by reducing CO2, waste, and asset loss, affords SODAQ the unique position to advise their clients by providing options for responsible material sourcing and solutions that are best suited to their objectives, that on a global scale create a compounding positive impact.

SODAQ is taking a more assertive stance on its social responsibility, ensuring all of its business activities are aligned with the new vision on sustainability. This is ranging from employee well-being, social conditions, selection of like-minded manufacturers, suppliers & partners to working towards the key objective of increasing transparency within IoT supply chains.

Long Term Areas of Focus
With these first steps, the company has taken a proactive stance toward sustainability while stating its future intentions to incorporate a wider array of topics to create IoT solutions that are truly world-friendly.

Over the last 9 years, SODAQ has undergone rapid growth. The organization evolved from a start-up focused on serving the developer community, to a global brand with corporate customers that utilize SODAQ’s IoT devices all over the world. 

SODAQ's areas of focus over the coming years.

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