About Us

What drives us is the passion to create scalable electronics solutions that work anywhere. We have implemented projects throughout developing countries, from Peru to Sri Lanka, and we will continue working where we can have the highest impact.

Our Vision

Our competence lies in the environmental Internet of Things. This means that we create scalable solutions to connect things outdoors. Harnessing the power of the sun to deploy our solutions is imperative to what we are doing at SODAQ. We want to create a smarter environment, that can sense what’s going on and tell us how to make better decisions.

The Movement

We are makers at heart and try to empower you the best we can, whether it is by giving product support, providing custom solutions or simply advice! See what others have made using the SODAQ platform and become a part of the maker movement. Do you have an idea with which we can help you? We have established a community of clients and partners in over 30 countries and want to keep growing our circle. Drop us a line below, we will make sure to get back to you.

Clients and Partnerships

With multiple years of experience in the field, SODAQ has had extensive experience with a range of successful clients. Big or small, institutional or private, we are more than willing to support your next development.

Some background information

Quick Facts

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