SODAQ’s most

robust asset tracker

Built to withstand heavy-duty industrial use.
Designed to provide a multitude of readings.
Zero maintenance even in the toughest environments.

Use Cases

The robust TRACK Extreme thrives in rough environments.
Ready for any challenge, this autonomous device lasts up to 20 years.

  • TRACK Extreme


  • TRACK Extreme

    Asset Tracking

  • TRACK Extreme



Built to Last


The TRACK Extreme or TRACK X for short, is a solar powered autonomous tracking device, built to endure incredibly harsh conditions and function for up to 8 years without maintenance.

Asset Tracking made easy

Use Extreme data to your advantage

The SODAQ Track is platform agnostic, meaning we can show your assets through SODAQ’s Silica Dashboard, or your home platform.

  • Current location of assets
  • Motion behavior of assets
  • Temperature thresholds
  • Analysis of historical data delivers insights on optimizing business processes and increasing utility of assets
  • Actively track assets when missing or stolen
  • Analysis of historical data can assist in predictive maintenance
Lightning Fast Tracking

How does it work?

The TRACK X is an autonomous device that operates on a rechargeable solar battery—and can last up to 10 years without maintenance.

Equipped with geolocation tools such as cell id and GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO. Operates on LTE-m & NB-IoT and has a 2G fall back, for data communication. Has the ability to use Bluetooth at close range. Equipped with an accelerometer and a temperature and humidity sensor. The Extreme gets the job done right

Our embedded software operates seamlessly between borders and network changes and sleeps when circumstances allow. Settings can be changed from any API-connected dashboard and updates can be sent in over-air updates.

The TRACK X is dustproof, resistant to high water pressure, is equipped with a vent, and a scratch and impact-resistant polyurethane solar panel. This makes the Extreme as tough as they come, even in extreme temperatures (-20 to +60 Celsius).

Other Solutions

A brand new line of asset tracking devices. Built to withstand heavy-duty industrial use. Designed to provide a multitude of readings. Here to bring your assets online and put you in charge.

Recent Projects

From the drawing board, to the first prototype, all the way through to production, each project is unique.

Companies we work with

Swap Bodies

For long-distance transportation of goods, swap bodies have become an invaluable tool for many businesses around the world. However, its flexibility comes with logistical challenges: Risk for theft and loss, complex planning and lack of visibility in the absence of options to power tracking devices. For this, SODAQ developed the TRACK Extreme, a robust solution that thrives in rough environments.

For who?

Logistics and transport organizations that move goods over long-distance using non-powered containers and are looking to gain back control and optimize their planning.

  • Reliable connectivity via LTE-M or NB-IoT and offering 2G fall back
  • Solar panel, allowing for low maintenance and autonomous tracking for up to 20 years
  • A robust design and IP69-rated case, made for rough environments
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With the TRACK Extreme, supply chain managers are now able to monitor the location of their swap bodies and truck trailers in real-time. The Extreme sends data about the swap bodies and truck trailers to easily monitor and manage them more effectively. Easily understand which container carries which load. Receive a notification on delays. Find your cargo within seconds due to real-time tracking. The TRACK Extreme, in combination with the platform-agnostic Silica platform, offers it all.

Closed Loop Management

Reduce risk and loss and boost supply chain performance with real-time visibility. Integrate the SODAQ TRACK Stealth into reusable small containers and boxes moving through your closed loop supply chain, providing you with control over moving assets.

For who?

Organizations with closed-loop supply chains looking to increase transparency and streamline the flow of assets throughout both their own and customer facilities.

  • Create a connected, transparent supply chain that delivers real-time visibility at every stage.

  • Receive location, motion or temperature threshold alerts, revealing the exact time and location.

  • Receive powerful data that enables you to make smarter supply chain decisions. With more control, you can minimize loss and waste, protect content integrity and reduce costs.

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Using the TRACK Stealth allows you to monitor the temperature, motion and location of reusable supply chain assets. The Stealth is powered by a rechargeable supercapacitor which allows for an endless number of charging cycles and is able to power the device for up to 3 months.