Creating a Global

AIR Community.

By reimagining the way air quality is monitored, the AIR empowers communities to take collective action towards a greener future.

Use Cases

The true potential of SODAQ AIR is seen in numbers. With community-wide adoption, the AIR creates a complex network of interlinked air quality measurements reinforce the already existing solutions. 

    Asset Tracking
    Inventory Management
    Supply Chain Optimization
    Remote Monitoring
    Smart Monitoring
Healthy Air Has Never Been More Accessible


Both the AIR and the data it collects are open source. This gives everyone, everywhere access to the complete schematics of the device, and a global database of air quality measurements. 

The portable air monitor

Breathe Smarter With SODAQ AIR

Each trip you take tells a unique story about the air quality, all of which you can access by inputting your AIR’s unique identifier into the Know Your AIR global map.

The aggregation of all the data in a 100×100 meter area, is averaged on an hourly basis and uploaded to the global map as open data. This creates a network of detailed air measurements across the globe while protecting user anonymity. (Read our privacy statement)

In 2021 the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) validated the environmental data collected by the AIR.  Having met the RIVM’s requirements, the AIR’s and their data were integrated into the existing network of fixed air monitoring stations.

Humidity Sensor
  • PM consists of tiny solid particles and liquid droplets, which are directly influenced by water levels in the air. To get an even better indication of day-to-day changes in air quality, the humidity sensors provide in-depth readings on these water levels.
Particle Matter
  • State-of-the-art PM sensor that measures particle parameters including PM1, PM10, with a primary focus on PM2.5. 
Humidity & Temperature
  • The concentration of particulate matter is directly linked to the temperature and water content of the air. With the AIR’s advanced sensors you can get a complete understanding of those parameters and the resulting changes in air quality.
  • A smart GPS that tracks and records air quality levels while on the move. 
  • Personalized data to help you identify problematic areas you encounter daily and to monitor exposure.
  • Easy to understand LED light strip that changes color to communicate real-time air quality changes.
  • Never miss a journey with motion technology that signals sensors to begin recording upon detecting movement.
  • Stops recording data automatically when the AIR speed reaches above 50km/h (car or train).


A highly intuitive air quality monitor, designed to help everyone, everywhere understand the quality of the AIR.

Revolutionary Air Quality Insights While You Ride

How does it work?

1. Set Up

  • Connect the SODAQ AIR to a USB-C charger. 
  • Wait for the blue light signal to turn white to indicate charging status.
  • During charging mode, the SODAQ AIR will check for over-the-air updates.

3. Real-time Ride Alerts

  • LED light strip changes color on your route to signal changes in air quality.
  • Green, orange, and red lights alert you to low, medium, and high concentrations of PM along your journey.
  • The SODAQ AIR will automatically remove the first and last 10 minutes of every journey to protect your privacy.

2. Start Monitoring – Fixed or On The Go

  • The SODAQ AIR comes equipped with a turn-locking mechanism that allows you to attach the sensor securely to the handlebars of your bicycle.
  • A magnet in the mount will trigger the AIR to start up, taking between 30 seconds to a minute. Once booted up the AIR will begin gathering data.
  •  Switch to static mode to measure air pollution from a fixed location over an extended period of time

4. Dashboard Insights

  • All data recorded will be synced to the Know Your AIR global air quality map. 
  • The aggregation of all the data in a 100×100 meter area is averaged on an hourly basis to protect user anonymity.
  • By inputting your device’s unique identifier into the map, you can see your personal data.
  • Corporations, local governments, can access global air quality data to build strategies and solutions for clean air initiatives.

Recent Projects

From the drawing board, to the first prototype, all the way through to production, each project is unique.