Track Anything,


Revolutionary asset tracking devices. Built tough to withstand industrial use. Designed to provide a multitude of readings, and data points. Here to bring your assets online and put you in charge.

Use Cases

The phenomenal design of the TRACK makes it the most versatile asset tracker on the market.

  • TRACK Active & Solar

    Asset Tracking

  • TRACK Active & Solar


  • TRACK Active & Solar

    Inventory Management

  • TRACK Active & Solar

    Supply Chain Optimization

  • TRACK Active & Solar

    Remote Monitoring

  • TRACK Active & Solar

    Smart Monitoring

Asset Tracking made easy

TRACK Active

Indoor or outdoor operations are easily monitored, tracked, and optimized.

Asset Tracking made easy


Fitted with a 6.9×6.9 solar panel, the TRACK Solar is designed for tracking assets exposed to natural and indoor light for extended periods of time.

Asset Tracking made easy


Equipped with the same sensors as the Active & Solar, with the addition of a Bluetooth (BLE) gateway capable of transmitting BLE beacon IDs.

Your data is never more than a click away.

Use TRACK data to your advantage

The TRACK line provides smart tracking solutions to gap the bridge between physical items and digital business processes. Moreover, the TRACK SOLAR BLE and the future SODAQ’s mobile gateway app function as a Bluetooth gateway transmitting both its location and information relayed by BLE beacons in their vicinity to the Silica dashboard.

All of SODAQ’s hardware is platform-agnostic, meaning we can show your assets through SODAQ’s Silica Dashboard, or your home platform.

fleet visibility
  • Current location of assets
  • Motion behavior of assets
  • Temperature thresholds
  • Receive automatic notifications when your assets reach your premises or important gateways within your logistics chain.
  • Integrate the data within your internal systems such as ERPs/CRMs to automate internal business processes
  • Analysis of historical data delivers insights on optimizing business processes and increasing utility of assets
  • Actively track assets when missing or stolen
Lightning Fast Tracking

How does it work?


1. Attach the TRACK to the asset
2. Press button to turn it on
3. Scan QR code with Silica App
4. Start transmitting


1. Signal sent when TRACK detects motion
2. Signals when motion stops
3. If it's moving at a steady speed it wont signal.
4. Signals at end location


1. Receives data from moving track
2. Relays the information to the dashboard
3. Commands sent from the dashboard get relays to TRACK


1. Receives data displayed through dashboard
2. Can send data to external server
3. Can send commands/setting changes to TRACK

Other Solutions

Built to withstand heavy-duty industrial use. Designed to provide a multitude of readings.
Zero maintenance even in the toughest environments

Recent Projects

From the drawing board, to the first prototype, all the way through to production, each project is unique.