iotspot - smart workspace platform
iotspot is a smart workspace platform to increase work satisfaction, reduce office space and utilisation costs
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The Problem

In the modern dynamic working age, flexible workspaces are becoming an increasingly important asset for firms looking to increase work satisfaction, reduce office space and utilisation costs. Not just firms benefit, but current implementations of flexible workspaces outline that employees make use of the spaces for improvements in comfort, a sense of community and productivity. These results already indicate that adopting flexible workspaces can provide much added value. Yet the next step is to efficiently manage the flow within existing workspaces with real time information

To outline an example of why this may be important: currently deployed workspaces are missing valuable real-time information such as occupied desks. If such information were to be collected and displayed at the entrance of workspaces, firms may see the aformenetioned benefits enhanced to a further degree such as the efficient utilization of office space. 

For this reason, it makes sense to require and deploy solution that can help solve this problem. To achieve this, iotspot approached SODAQ to realize their vision. By doing so,  SODAQ provided the necessary hardware for a smart workspace platform that increases work satisfaction, reduce office space and utilisation costs.

Visualizing possible real time data solutions

Case study

In 2016 the co-founders of iotspot approached SODAQ with their concept of a smart-desk solution that would revolutionize the flexible workspace market. Initially the product supported 2G connectivity and Bluetooth pairing with iotspot’s smartphone application, but over the years we have added LTE-M connectivity to allow the product to be future-proof and have added auxiliary devices such as a motion detection sensor. The latest development has been an integration with the extension cord and USB charging setup of iotspot’s partner Bachmann, a German firm that manufactures electronics and office appliances. The product page can be found here

Integration of iotspot into existing solutions
Integration of iotspot into desks

The result


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