SODAQ MARINE: offshore asset tracking device

SODAQ MARINE: Offshore Asset Tracking Device

“SODAQ has been able to convert the wishes for an innovative solution that we had at van Oord into a working product, which wouldn’t have been possible without the vast experience that the team has in different industries.”


To create a device that monitors the motion of massive ships and offshore rigs to ensure that the beams or vessels responsible for structural integrity don’t shift past their limit.



An innovative and autonomous offshore asset tracking device that utilizes a LoRa network to send an alert when it detects any abnormal motion or displacement. Specifically, the high-accuracy GPS functionality is key, as well as location-based triggers defined by a geofence.



SODAQ MARINE prevents the potentially catastrophic impacts that offshore rigs can have on marine life, personnel, and the finances of the company.

How does SODAQ MARINE work?

The MARINE is an autonomous LoRa asset tracking solution that analyses its coordinates within a timeframe and chooses a median fixed point for the tracker. For network connectivity, SODAQ proposed the LoRa technology as a result of its long-range, wide-area coverage, in order to track vessels all over the world. All data collected from the device is complied to a customized dashboard and displayed in real-time.

The engineering process

SODAQ was approached to develop a custom solution for van Oord, with a reference to an existing solution that was not functioning according to their requirements. SODAQ started with an analysis of products in the market and proposed a solution before building it. Upon designing the solution, a solar panel and rechargeable battery setup were selected for power management. A SODAQ ONE development board was used as the processor and radio. To ensure the devices were waterproof, we designed potted prototypes and then hired a professional potting company to do the final assembly of the MARINES. 

The collaboration

We developed SODAQ MARINE for van Oord, who reached out to SODAQ to help them create a motion detection device that monitors the movement of massive offshore rigs. They wanted to monitor their 8,000-tonne marine lift installation vessel called “Svanen”. If one of the deeply rooted anchors came loose, the Svanen could begin to drift which would have huge consequences. We delivered a solution that detects abnormal motion and immediately sends an alert to the crew, and offshore operators.

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