SODAQ MARINE: Offshore Asset Tracking Device

SODAQ's Autonomous Offshore Tracking Solution

Heavy-duty offshore projects are costly, massive, and complex. When something goes wrong—it can be expensive, and dangerous. The SODAQ MARINE was developed to be as rugged as the environment and to deliver crucial alerts when unexpected movement is detected.

Why did we create the SODAQ MARINE?

The Van Oords “Svanen” is an 8,000-tonne marine lift installation vessel. Should one of the deeply rooted anchors come loose, the Svanen could drift. This is clearly a BIG problem. Van Oorden reached out to SODAQ to help them create a detection device that monitors the motion of massive rigs. SODAQ delivered the most innovative offshore asset tracking devices ever produced. If the SODAQ MARINE detects any abnormal motion, it immediately sends an alert to the crew, and offshore operators—in order to prevent catastrophic breakdown.

How does it work?

SODAQ engineers came up with a robust, autonomous tracking solution that analyses its coordinates within a timeframe and chooses a median fixed point for the tracker. For network connectivity, SODAQ proposed the LoRa technology as a result of its ultra-long distance coverage, in order to track vessels all over the world. Saltwater wreaks havoc on any device, so potting technology was used to create a casing that could withstand the briny deep.

 Operators receive data, and can remotely update settings for alarms, device status, battery, and position, and can update the settings remotely. All data collected from the device is sent to a customized dashboard and displayed in real-time. In the event of critical movement, the operator team will be notified within a single minute—no matter where they are in the world.