Bring your assets online with SODAQ's most versatile and robust asset tracking device for industrial applications.

  • Solar Powered
  • Up to 5 years life cycle - depending on sunlight availability
  • LTE-M Connectivity (EU & US only)
  • Message Content and Frequency Configurability
  • Geo-fencing
  • Automated Notifications
  • LED Status

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
  • LTE-M Connectivity (EU & US only)
  • Configurable Button and LED Functionality
  • Configurable Message Type and Frequency
  • Geo-fencing

  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Up to 4 years battery life - based on message frequency
  • LTE-M Connectivity (EU & US only)
  • Theft Mode with Buzzer Speaker
  • Anti-tamper Mode to detect theft
  • Configurable Message Type and Frequency

Choose Your Mounting Option

Screw Mounting

Install with four screws


Designed for high intensity environments

Outdoor Use

Suitable for vehicles on rugged terrain and construction vehicles

Adhesive Mounting

Adhesives or magnets to mount


Designed for versatility and stealth

Indoor Use

Suitable for keeping TRACK hidden while tracking assets

What is Your Asset Tracking Use Case?

Tracking assets outdoors with over 20 messages per day? TRACK SOLAR is the solution for you.

With its USB rechargeable battery, use TRACK ACTIVE for tracking assets indoors with over 20 messages per day.

Tracking assets outdoors with less than 20 messages per day? TRACK SOLAR is the solution for you.

If you require indoor tracking and only need messages for emergency situations, you need TRACK RECOVER.

Real-time Dashboard

All your tracking data in one place.

Optimize your logistic operations with real-time asset location data via our dashboard solutions. Configure SODAQ TRACK positioning and sending frequency. Get information on historical activity and parameters including battery status, previous locations and the time of last received message. All orders come with a complementary Thingsboard dashboard solution. Please get in touch for more information!

Power Your Business with Location Intelligence

Integrate location data with your business through our data packages covering everything from connectivity, data storage and dashboards.

ORDER SIZE            Below 1000 Units            Over 1000 Units
THINGSBOARD DASHBOARD                          ✓                        ✓
CUSTOM DASHBOARD                        ✓
DATA STORAGE                         ✓                        ✓
DATA FORWARDING                         ✓
PARTNER NETWORK SIM                         ✓                        ✓
CUSTOM NETWORK SIM                         ✓


Pre-orders are now available for orders above 1000 units. Please get in touch using the Get in Touch button on the bottom right, send an email to or give us a call at +31 30 300 0301.



Technical specifications for TRACK SOLAR, ACTIVE and RECOVER.


Use Case Brochure

Learn more about SODAQ TRACK use cases in your industry.


Trial Pack

Try SODAQ TRACK before you buy it. Download the document to learn more.



Warranty agreement offered to SODAQ TRACK clients.


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