IoT engineering and design specialist SODAQ joins Nordic Partner Program

The design partnership provides customers turnkey support for IoT hardware, software, RF, and antenna design

Oslo, Norway – April 2023 – Engineering and design specialist SODAQ has joined Nordic Semiconductor’s expanding Nordic Partner Program (NPP) as a design partner. Based in the Netherlands, SODAQ is a leading innovator in durable tracking and sensing solutions. The company produces low-power, solar-powered, or smart label IoT hardware for large-scale, enterprise-sized deployments. SODAQ’s solutions are valued by large corporations globally, including Bayer, KRONE, and DHL, among others.

SODAQ designs and creates unique hardware solutions in projects for large corporate IoT departments and manufactures products for companies that want to deploy tracking and sensing devices in their logistics chain. In addition to off-the-shelf products, SODAQ offers custom hardware, embedded software, RF, antenna, and security design as a service. SODAQ’s services also include rapid prototyping, pre-production testing and validation, pilot production, transfer to production, turnkey contract manufacturing, product cycle management, industrial design (enclosure/casing), device-to-Cloud integration, and Cloud backend/frontend development. 

The addition of SODAQ to the NPP will provide Nordic customers with access to the company’s comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, RF, and antenna designs—which are compatible with Nordic’s wireless IoT solutions—as well as engineering expertise to help OEMs optimize the RF and antenna performance for their wireless design. 

Nordic Design Partner

“Regardless of development experience, it can be challenging to implement tracking solutions that operate worldwide and are energy efficient. This requires an enormous amount of dedication and years of testing,”

“With SODAQ now joining the Nordic Partner Program, our customers will benefit not only from the company’s custom design services, but also its turnkey solutions in combination with Nordic products from programming, testing, and certifications, to the integration of third-party software and protocols, Cloud and device management, and cellular connectivity.”

Now in its third year, the Nordic Partner Program was developed to assist Nordic customers by providing products, services, and solutions that complement Nordic’s portfolio of short-range wireless and low-power cellular IoT connectivity hardware, firmware, development tools, and reference designs. With more than 40 design and solution partners now members of the program, Nordic customers have unprecedented access to industry-wide expertise across numerous wireless technology disciplines. Partners have broad experience of Nordic technologies and can offer turnkey services able to help get products wirelessly connected and bring them to high-volume manufacturing.

“SODAQ is focused on optimizing supply chains for large global corporations in industries such as agriculture, aviation, and transport and logistics – we deliver tens of thousands and soon hundreds of thousands of trackers to global corporations, with our product line largely based on Nordic’s nRF91 Series cellular IoT solutions,” says Jan Willem Smeenk, Founder & Senior Solution ArchitectCEO, SODAQ. “The customer benefits of this partnership between SODAQ and Nordic include a shorter time-to-market for innovative IoT products, the ability to develop autonomous devices, testing of different cellular networks, technologies and operators globally, and high-end design and manufacturing.”

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Closed Loop Management

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